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La Tessitura Attilio Imperiali è azienda produttrice di tessuti a base serica.

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Consultazione repository

Consultation file
It allows the navigation and the consultation of the present information in the file according to the criterions of visibility and safety attributed to the consumer.

Esecuzione report da catalogo

Report catalog execution
It consists in the possibility of execution of a Report (On-Demand) from the general catalog. The system allows to make a parameters and selection request to the   requested before the execution of the Report user.

esecuzione di un mailing report

Execution of an Excel data sheet
It allows the real time visualization of data sheets (Microsoft Excel) executed on the data base.The preview directly in Microsoft Excel.

invio email

On-line Orders
Is possible insert, show, modify the orders directly from thr Web or through electronic mail.

Amministrazione sito

Administrator Area
It allows to set up the system and schedule the activities automatically to send present Report in archive,Report executed On-line to a specific recipient or lists of distribution (mailing list).

Omega Center S.r.l
Software gestionali per la Piccola e Media Impresa. www.omegacenter.it


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